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Morakinyo Akinkoye
Born in Nigeria
27 years
Family Tree

Y.......Moraks,but wé'r cool.REST IN PEACE



Where do i start from?

Rememba all the teasing and all the bossing around,remeber Oyandiran and all the advice and all,i hard to come in terms wit u gone but GOD knows best and i believe we shall me and yeaa.... NO TEASING cos am all grown now.



 mora mora, last nite i cried like neva b4 in my entire life. Memories of u just flooded my head. i would neva in my life 4 any reason 4get d day u harrased those boys in my pry school for making me cry, remember all d days of our "under G" hustling and arranging to make things happen, ill neva 4get d biggest hookup u made happen 4 me(that has been d best thing dat eva happened to me),i remember my qc days wen yall would harass those that harassed me bcos of ...... den all of yall in d red bus would come n harass me @ back gate those were d days. i would neva forget my 16th buffday U & BEE made it happen 4 me. i remember our fite about adress or no adress LOL , i remember how we would all hang out & baba mallam & aunty sade iyawo would get mad @ us. remember @ ozolua wen yall beat me up ?LOL. Bros i can go on and on. I remember wen u'll come to d house lookin for bread n strawberry jam n i would laff @ u. Remember wen you, chiefo n Bee got baba out of jail dat nite n we had a blast after den upstairs after popc organized for us all . i remember talkin to u 3 days b4 u left that and u said may my children  not suffer in ur hands cus u'll beat d living day lite out of dem bcos i refused to come c u.and i would neva 4get how u would constantly abuse me about callin my husband first b4 callin u or wen u call me n start singin ZOMBIE in d weirdest voice. God knew u were to good 4 dis Earth dat was y he took u away and we cant question dat. NO DAY GOES BY WITHOUT ME CRYING but i know u r up there lookin out for ur gurl and i know for a fact that i will c u on d other side.EGBAN I LUV U . I MISS U SO VERY MUCH IM SO BROKEN. REST IN PEACE SWEET ONE

Moreinke Fasuyi

Cousin!!! my darling cousin,

I love you so much...You looked so beautiful on were in a deep sleep

I know for sure that there is another side and we will meet again...You are a legacy Cous.......there is no way that Morakology is void!!!

Your life new  has just begun....SEE you when I wake from my deep sleep....


One Love


Morakinyo,Moraks,Moraks baba,Mora Mora,Omo Akin the 3rd,Lord Poseidon d first of his name,Manchester United's number one fan,Chief Rocka,Slow poison.................Dont even know where to start,memories keep crashing into each other.Best man to have walked on earth's surface.Man, wished U could have seen how people came and honoured U at ur funeral it was touching.U sure were special.I dont wanna cry u know,but man mi,U need to hear the tributesong Lanre "Eldee" made for u-Sun re!Me,I cant help but think about how my Lifetime number '6' wont be here anymore to share stuff with me,to call me Chiefo no more or Bog Bro at that.Man,I took everything for granted u know,how U were gonna be my Best Man whenever I get married.Anyways U were the best,yup,the very best and I would not have had anyone else but U in my life-thats for sure.Gbao!
Just need to remember how selfless U really were,always giving up ur own stuff  for ur friends,living life to d fullest!
I remember all d timesI came to pick U and Mobolawa, kole and ShollyBee up from KC.All the fun,ruff times and sorrows we shared,some mad escapades as well,remember?All the nites when we were in secondary school and we used to go to City Tavern,Maze,Iceini,Club Towers, without dem popsie knowing.
I remember one night I came home,must have been in year One in Unilag then and i had a party to attend and I needed a car and U sneaked up to Popsie's room and got me a set of car keys.Funny how it all ended that night.
U scared the hell out of me though,remember?When U had that accident on 3rd Mainland bridge and d car had flipped over,close to flipping into the water and U had to be rushed to the hospital,cant remember how many stitches U had,but I bet Mom would remember.
We went through quite a lot,didnt we,U and me.Went to the same schools,same lesson places,same holiday camps,same parties,wore d same clothes for quite a while,until people said we were becoming too old to be doing 'Anko'.Man,we had fun growing up-from spending our long holidays with our Granparents in Ilesha,Christmas and new year parties in Ondo and plenty of Asun to go around.
Started drinking aroud the same time,though I liked my Guinness and U sure liked ur lager.Remember going to different pubs and bars and just having fun.I always had to drive us back home and U would just sleep off in the passenger seat!We went to toooooooooooooooooo many parties and u always were the life of the party,weren't U ,lil' bro?Remember,my party at Ikeja near Uncle Diji's house?U came down from Ife dat day so U could support me and even rustled up some more chics!I remember me and U used to have some steps we used to thrill the crowd with.
Remember how we used to chill in front of the house at Modupe street and Ur boys  would come around and we would sit out there all gisting and yapping people.
I remember getting into trouble for coming to hang out with U in Ife when I was supposed to be in school.Did it a few times didnt we?Good to know that U had my back no matter what.Well,Son,I still got ur back,Ur Big bro's always got ur back,anyday,anytime,anywhere.
I remember me and U having a discussion about how the club and social scene in Unilag was messed up and we came up with the idea of Quest.
Too much to remember,was it watching movies together,like all the Bruce Lee movies and practising the moves after.Was it reading books(especially while eating),waiting for mom to pick us up after school or getting on the school bus.
I remember we changed primary schools at the same time,joined boyscouts at the same time,we were even Confirmed at the same time-U know every!Men,we did loads of stuffs U and I,all the jokes we shared and the chores we did together.I thank God for letting our parents have U and U in turn being a bundle of joy(I remeber u tried to get me with a cutlass when we were young LOL) . All the same, a great tagteam we made,'5' and '6'.
My brother u will forever live in my heart as long as I live and no one can ever take your place .U are afterall a Living Legend.I love U bro and I always will.
Sun re o. Omo Akin,Omo iya Iparuku,Omo Lepegun,Omo yadiyala! God loves u best
folake kalejaiye

okay so, u have gone now, abi? it's all good tho bcos i hav so much of u to keep with me till we meet again.

i remember that sticky mess i got myself into. yeh, that one! i know u rememba cos u got mad on my behalf. some peeps we both know said some nasty stuff to u bcos of me but u never looked me in the eye n judged me. u stuck up for me. u fought like u had been personally wronged...but then again, u had been...cos u r my blood! u r my friend, yaki n there is no way i am forgetting that.


i remember at the pub that day that we were doing that sign i came up with for man utd. do u remember last season b4 u left for jd, when we beat arsenal... do u rememba that tym u went to ondo and alan smith was playing rubbish n u were not watching so i called u and ran a commentary for u throughout the second half! u kept saying 'ah, folake u r scaring me o...!' (ofcos i burnt my mum's landline credit in the prosess! but now i am soooo glad i did).


do u remember when u wud blow the horn in the regular n demola wud scream ROONEY!!!!! or when u wud be dancing 'swoooo!'.. i rememba when u wr gonna leave and biscuit n i were telling u to think about it... mehn, do u rememba the carnival when i looked like shaiza n u made me sooooo mad but i cud never stay mad at u? do u rememba the day shollybee asked u y i got a jersey n u said bcos she is my homie?!! omish's house, ur house, my house, pub, campus, 11.45, the vault (that barchelor's eve)...


do u rememba??? yaki, do u?


i miss u soooo much that somtyms i cant think of anything else.


baba, gbayi!!!! u dint try... u TOO try!

love u.

miss u.

sleep tyt...u didnt deserve to leave but u deserve all the happiness heaven has to offer.



Oluwatobi Martins

Moraks baba were can i start from is it from you and i in d hood or out rollin hand in hand or wat or to d days of u working down at opel ,our days at d shrine,day you had to jump over the walls of your house for us to get to a party or something just dont know.write now my eyes are filled with tears i wont go far but i know we shared alot together and in common making me a united fan,part of who i am now.I remember wen we had a talk about u goin back to naija dat i was like why u running from ur troubles and u listen to me den later u had to tell me d same wen i was thinking of goin back to naija dat i should wait things would change and it did just dat now u gone.Baba you did not have to go dont know why good people have to live so soon but who am i to question GOD about why he took u away,but u will always remain in my heart and i do not regret ever meeting u and rollin with u and u will be truly missed

Rest In Peace


tomi kusamotu
Was i SHOCKED OR WAS I SHOCKED to hear of your passing away?
i remember when my brother told me and all i could do was let my tongue hang out for was unbelievable.

the morakinyo i remember was from far back when you were in nigeria and you and my sister temi were good friends back in o.a.u!.we didnt talk much cus as usual i was the quiet, weird sister..but u were nice,polite and very different from the usual "jambite" crowd then.

and a picture of you that still sticks in my head is you standing by my car teasing temi for one thing or the other.thats the picture i cannot get out of my head.thats the moraks i learning that you are no more...well..i guess everything happens for a reason.

we might not have been close,but you know,your death hit a raw nerve..and just reminds us all of how transient life is.

hey moraks....
rest in perfect peace okay....and i pray God grants your family the fortitude to bear this loss.AMEN.

Akin Oyebode
Its me again,Poseidon,1st of his name.Boy you did some things on this planet.It was touching seeing you lying in our colours,memories of countless days celebrating our darling Man U.I was at the Shrine and all I remembered was you and I dressed in Man U colours with the nos 8 and 10 after beating the Gunners,yeah those roaches.I cant mourn u,u are too much of a man to mourn.Instead I celebrate ur life.I keep reading those text messages from a friend whose journey was about to end."Baba" you cant die,you only rest,nothing do you!!!You earned your stripes,walk with the angels...I look at my Newton Heath jersey and my white United strip, parting gifts from a brother and partner. Omo Akin!we will meet again in the afterlife.You can run but you cant hide,"iwo bawo",you live in my heart now and always.Oye Olorun!
omoijiade chris
how do you just sumarize a life destined for greatness to a few words.from the isl to the poloville to the united to the trips to the crazy parties to the reality talks name it we did it all.moraks y never tot the last time i stayd wit u wud b the last i love u far more than u wud eva know n even wen i threw challenges at club meetings at the uptmost respect sleep well god of the sea gentle and calm like u were at the burial.i will never forget u my bro ur name will not be forgotten with time i promise u.look out for ur peeps from up there.posiedon ur boy misses u.aspecta just for a lill while tii will hear ur voice united................................
dayo sobitan



Something to remember and continue to miss was ur unique manner at which u exchange greetings wiv ur boys.


your rascalitude was accepted and eventful !!!kai wahalai is quite a loss we never envisage this rather we kept on planning and anticipating. i remember ur last words to me was come talk to this d-one boy.


Now for final departures TAKE CARE!TILL WE MEET AGAIN.

Wintoki Oladipupo

"Baba" A word in my opinion you conceived and has become the norm amongst boys for hailings. Everytime i hear it, all i remember is Moraks.


Its been a journey: Staff school, KC and Unilag!

You're a part of the family and i really don't know what much to say cos u were always in the picture. From Biskits crib to Omish's crib, its been us all the way.


The trips, the parole, the movements n all...

Princess Alice, the very last for me n you in the physical but will never be the last in my memories.


You live on with awon boys n on that very day, "Baba" we go everly jam

Akin Oyebode

I hear you calling me:"General!" I hear your voice again,"u no understand","iwo bawo".You are always alive in my heart, brother.I remember the celebrations of our Manchester United at the Pub,our regular hang out.I remember your days at Opel while I was at LBS,how we had countless trips.Remeber hooking up with the Igbins peeps at Choc Royale.I remember constantly dialling 08023210132 for our daily hook ups.I remember chilling in my room,at Omish's.Mo4's wedding,all smiles, dissiong you for letting ur kid bro beat u to it.I remember Oct 10 last year,our heart to heart talk about relocating,asking you to reconsider.I remeber most of all the morning you left,on my birthday(13/10/2006) ensuring you and I have an eternal bond.Be Easy brother,Peace and Luv.There's only one UNITED!!!

May his soul rest in peace and may the lord bless and protect the loved ones he has left behind.
pamela m
It seems like it was just yesterday when i saw your face, i wish i just had d last chance to say goodbye if i knew what i knew what i know today,i would hold you in my arms and take the pain away.thanks baby for all you have done, there is nothing i wouldnt do to hear your voice again, somtimes i wana call you but i know you would not be there.Sometimes i just wana hide coz its you i miss,

You know its hard to say goodbye when it comes like this, please baby help me understand, are you looking down upon me? are you proud of who i am ? i wish i had just one more chance to look you in your eyes and see you looking back.

its soooooooooooo painful to think of you cos i know how much you did not want this and the hole week b4 you passed we wer battling this and bang its all in face.


for in ma heart

love you pam
Makinde Araoye

Moraks, we drank, dined, partied and had a great time together back in em dayz. It couldn't have been any better. You were a great friend that was loved by everyone.Now you are gone and everyone keeps asking "why Moraks?". Moraks, them no know wethin dey! If only they knew!

You were and forever will be a great man!.

RIP Son!.....

deji fayose


 Is it the days that we all spent in ife together,d ciros',ur jokes,ur everything men...or the movements we were all involved in..

Broda u truly are a part of a big family and your light is goin to shine 4eva...

 Moraks...enuff men are goin2 miss you...

Enuff oh my broda..if u know u wont leave us just yet ....but like i'll say again Oloun lo ye..

 Modupe n Sholly b.. brought back memories of the song u orchestrated for me back in the days in ife...Bro when gboko called me from naija i froze men..called fuad and asa,only to get home and ladipo confirmed it..

Moraks u dey bring tears two days in a row..make i stop here..

Ol boy Gods mercy will locate you n u will find perfect peace where you are... by Gods grace..


Olugbo Adeyemi

O boy, i dont understand any of this, i was just trying to settle down in pompey and later come check up on u, and unfortunately i got the phone call telling me that u had to go forever. My friend, ur life was not wasted at all. U had an influence on everybody that came around u. it also hurts me so much that i will not be able to say my final goodbyes to u, but what matters most is those that will be saying welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven.


"O my brother don't u worry, O my friend don't u worry. If i happen to Die on a stormy Ground never mind we shall meet again".


A*** till we meet again, we shant 

kayode adejumo

I remember just like yesterday in the days of mr Ajila's lesson in Yaba (1989)when we first met you called me blackky, you had already created an impression(bold and fearless) we never went to the same schools not until unilag but you  were still  a friend meeting at parties, days of comin to ISL to scope chicks(not modu) even when i go galavanting in ife you still come recognise a brother until we met again in lag  and had to part ways again and met in this jand you never for once in your life tried to ignore or dissassociate yourself with a brother because you are you and you are REAL. unimaginable that you are not here today but i know for sure you are not gone we have parted so many times and have always met again as we have parted again i have no doubt and im sure we will definetly meet again till we do i give kudos to one of the only truest and realest men i have ever met Moraks an Unforgettable MAN




Morakinyo its a pity Notthing Hill carnival was the first and last time we saw each other since i got to jand.

i can recall me,u wif dem lambo,L dee getting crazie at the carnival

walking trying to get our down to 9ja stand

Dizing me dsat im a church boy now no more ASA u use to know

telling mama(BJ EYE) no to give me his number dat i ddont need

cos i dont do cruise anymore

all dis still kicking in my heart hoping to hook up wit clubbing

Den it came to me u are gone

Padi mi still a wonderer


david ukoidip
u remember wen u use to call me oko dip wen i will tell u say u just dey fortunate to cum jand,and wen u had dreds on ill call u king of the mad ill miss u loads.till we meet again
Niyi obe
Mo,na wa o!"here 2day gone 2mrw"death they say is a part of life,you have seen both worlds it's left for the rest of us to pay our own debt when God asks for in peace homeboy.
I am so tired of being here supressed by all my childish fears of losing the man i love. What hurts MO, is your presences still lingers here and it wont leave me alone, these wounds wont seem to heal, this pain is just tooo real, baby what we had is just toooooo much that time cannot erase.

mo when you were in hospital i wiped away all of your tears and told you it will be ok, i guess it is , its just in a different way i thot it was gona be, you are safe in your creators hands now. You used to captivate me by your resonatimg light but now m bound by the life you left behind. My dreams are now filled with moments from the first time we met to the very day you past away.

I am just glad to have been in your life and to have been with you till your very last day.

I have tried soooooooooo hard to tell myself that you are gone, but though you still wif me. IL BE ALONE ALL MA LIFE



bukky akinkoye
Do u remember all the summers i spent at ur house
Do u remember turning me into a tomboy
Do u remember play-fighting
Do u remember you askin "when did u grow up for boys to be checkin u out"
Do u remember naija 2002, clubbin, lagbaja(ohmygawd) dat nite was my best and i owe it all to u for hustling the guy at the gate to let us all in with only like 10,000
Do u remember at club 11:45 when that guy was talking to me and u dragged me away and said u were my boyfriend
Do you remember taking off your shirt cause i was cold
Do u remember takin me to sola's house
Do u remember jand 2004 and how we took cab to that one party in the freakin cold and you sayin" what kind of nonsense mini skirt is this"
Do you remember me acting stewpid in the video in sis carolines house and u boozin away
Do you remember mummy londons party and me trynna dance and lookin a hot mess trynna do it
Do u remember "olodo"
Do u remember the big pony shirts you wanted customized and u called me to get them for u and i promised to but i neva did cause i was supposedly too busy
Do you remember our last convo two days before u passed
Do remember I will always love you and even though i've cried at diff. times today and then laffed , i will never ever forget you , u were blood, the akin blood runs in our veins!
Babes, as I always say, where do I start from, we have come a long way, and, when I mean long, I really mean long.
I rememeber the first time I met you, and, had this huge crush on you. well, things kicked off from there, we had our good time and bad times, and, ooopppss, I remeber the time you had the accident, and you were admitted in the hospital, all the girls tantrums we had, refused to see you for a while, the rumours about me and *******, am sure you know who am talking about, which was not even true.
We shared so many things together, am quite emotional so i would not go on for so long, but, would still come back. The memeories about you shall remain, and, I know you are happy where you are, as I cannot question God about why he took you away, but, you will always remain in my heart and I do not regret ever meeting you, and, you will be truly missed.
Rest In Peace, Moraksy
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