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Morakinyo Akinkoye
Born in Nigeria
27 years
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i check dis site evryother day cos i'm stil tryin to figure out if ur really gon, mayb its cos i dint see u for a longtime b4 u passed i dont know but i feel like ur stil alive and i'm waitin 4 u to appear on our doorstep 4 one of ur once in a yr visits or call from out of the blues. I still cant com to terms with d fact dat ur gon, Its really so hard to comprehend. Can u hear me, show me a sign,something to help me move on from here, to help me com 2 terms wit ur departure. Its actually been over a yr, d initial pain has slowly becom a heavy weight i fil in my heart wenever i think of u and dat happens evrydy. Somtimes i actually hear u talkin does dat sound strange? Remember d 1st time we met in IFe,our 1st Club Party and all d stuff dat happened afterwards i wish we had remained close friends mayb then i wuldnt feel so guilty dat ur gon. Ok, i've let out all my pent up energy, and i'm waitn 4u to get intouch wit me. Until Then take it easy. Walk wit d angels, Lookout for ur Mom and ur siblings.
taiwo akintunji
Hey moraks, did u watch MAN.U get whooped by Bolton..hahahahahahahahah.....MAN.U is going down....menh,Arsenal is d ish dis season,4real.but hey........why am i telling u all diz?....when u hv d biggest screen, and i mosdef know, u aint gonna miss 'em soccer games.anywaz....ttyl
benatare Azazi
1 whole yr, it seems like yesterday when Peremobo told me Moraks died a couple days ago i was so stunned, U culdnt be dead i asked her if she was sure and 4rm the look in her eyes i knew......................All i can remember is d last time we saw u, can u belive i didnt recognise u and we kind of drove past the scary guy waving at us until we realised it was Then i never saw u again. I'm sure u talked to Peremobo alot but i never took out time to actually be ur friend and nw wen i think about it i wish i did, but guess wat its never to late death doesnt mean ur gone 4ever it just means u've moved on to another plane i probably wont be visiting u soon but we can always talk and if i listen really hard i'll alays hear ur reply so 4rm now on i promise to b a better friend. Not Goodbye but Ci Vediamo.

hey morakky baba... guesss wat william gallas scored to equalize against ur loser team... u shuld have seen saf nose.. d thing red like una red jersey sef... hope u cool dude!!! paid my last respect to u .. saw where dem put ur ledgendary bodi. damn u loved dude.. i think u caught more chicks now dt u r gone dan wen u were around to trouble me.. how do u do it??? u r d man mkakin... easy man. i'l kip u informed about the premiership dont worri and will make sure i deliver ur family from that team dey support..its an evolution!


i miss your toothy smile.

I have come here from time to time to take in the tributes tons of people have left

As someone said, you now seem to have a million best friends who want to show how much you meant to them - for me that is a mark of the man you will always remain

Very rarely, does someone evoke so much passion,very rarely does an event like your passage bring people together

I remember the service and reception at your house on the 13th - once again People who hadnt been together in years came together for you at short notice

No tribute is bigger than that

And amidst all the sorrow and pain, its the tributes that bring the smile.The acknowledgement of your greatness and good heart by a diverse followership is the biggest source of joy

Though a year has passed and many more will pass, my memories of you my brother will never be erased.

Till then, go well......


you have become a legend.

you will keep on living in our hearts and memories.

it took awhile for me to get the courage to visit this site,the first time a friend made me see it i ran out of the room wailing 'cos i dont do quiet crying  but dude in your case i wailed and fell asleep.

you brought all your boys together under one roof on saturady. i am sure you were smiling down them.

Morakinyo lives on!!!!!!!!!!!!


i remember the first day i  met you with muska.i told him ur friend is crazy and he goes 'yeah i know,thats my boy'. since then we became friends. i remember when you guys started ROPP,you always called me HERA,first lady.i remember you used tell me to kool down,your blood too dey hot' when i used to get pissed and i felt your boy was taking a piss.i remember hanging wt u,chiefo,chris,sholly-b and you guys would want to start your coded gist,then you would go  'my friend commot here' . its so crazy cos everyone is claiming i knew him more,he was my best friend. the truth is you touched everyones life differently and we should all cherish what we had with you.

miss u plenty , plenty..........

bobo, I dont think i can keep coming to this site. The memories bring back joy and pain Thank you for all the memories Remember those LBS days,great days, fun days Keep shinning bro,keep shinning.
Okeoghene Edmundson

I miss you bro!!

Moraks Cant beleive its already a year.. rest in peace homie
Wale Anifowose
You taught me something, wish i had the chance to tell you right now,
I miss u men, remember those day you and deji would come and harrass me to buy lunch and you would just laugh and smile.....hmmmmm. Rest in Peace.
osinaike tolu
almost a year....Gosh!tym sure flies o!

i remember the day i heard, it was the very same evening you left, my sister's friend called to tell, i fell sick that day, couldn't even tell my mum for days cos she knew you too. life throws all sorts of things at us.

i remember when you were still my CRUSH, and those silly crunchy chocolates i used to get you. those times were fun, it was just after my dad passed and you for being you were there to cheer me up.

the memories, your smile and cheeky laughter, lovely memories they make. i remember the time you had that accident, was terrified, and i got teased by them girls about where you were going when you had the crash.. 

i remember the tiff i had with them girls in QC because of this crush i had on you.i think they even threatened to beat me up! all for u, those really were fun times and i'll forever remember. my crush didn't last for too long though, too many girls!!!, i guess.i remember the trips we had, you, me, muyiwa and remi, so long ago but seems just like yesterday.then i finally started school and we weren't close anymore.

the annoying thing about death is, that's when u'll be wishing, maybe if i had talked to you longer the day i saw you at ozolua,or was it at muyiwa's house or driving by,or maybe if i had kept in touch, maybe i wouldn't feel soo bad, i'm glad though, that i did get to know you,

one of the good ones God put here on this planet to touch our lives, they're always the first to leave. God bless you, you're finally home now....

Adeola Oyinloye



I rememeber those times when i have to drop you off at home everyday after school,etc. you are great.I miss you so much boy.




















Akin Oyebode

|I remember the rides in our cars

I remember the Friday nights at various hotspots

I remeber the Sundays at Femi Kuti's Afrika Shrine

I remember the after work discussions at Pub Culture

I remember the rousing with PJ,Mundo,Damola et al

I remember the hooks ups we exchanged

I remember the passionate support from Man Utd

I remember the phone calls and chatting we exchanged

I remember our hunt for Sholly Bee when he tried to scare us

I remember all the stuff you constantly sent me

I remember that last morning on my way to work wit Omish to see you and you know who

This is how I will always remember you my brother

Moraks!!! I never had the previledge meeting you but many of ur friends said lots about you, its enough to know the kind of life u lived. You left ur family, friend and loved ones for good. I strongly believe u are happy where u are. May u forever rest in peace...... Amen 

I'm just sitting here in my room trying to understand the true essence of life but i really can't figure it out. i decided to go to ur memorial website to see your pictures and remember the good old times we had in ife and even after u left for lag; it was always fun to see u cause u always had a way of making someone happy.

it's so hard not to cry while looking at your pictures but i know u are holding it down up there in heaven.

Please keep  a place for us up there till we also depart this earth to meet you in paradise.

sophie mattar

Mickeyy tanous we missed u sooo much, on earth we lost an solider and heaven gained a angel,we had fun times and sads i rember ur words.when you left, a part of me left with you, literally you were my other half.every time i say ur name or think of u a tear drops down mii face.Thanks 4 sending us miracles.Ur a speacil boii to every 1, i have tears in mii eyes.


see ya soon in heaven


look after evry 1 from above and pray 4 us we r prayin 4 u.


mwa tc


love u missed u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

Your Boys

This is for you mate

We watched Manchester United win the title

And we knew in our hearts it was for you

Here's an image we know you'll treasure.


Gba Yi!

Rest in peace. God knows best. Deepest sympathy to his Family and Friends.
Akin Oyebode


Memories of you my great friend, are endless

Today, we said goodbye to your patriach, and I saw the Akinkoye men in full force for the 1st time without the man who introduced me to such a great family

I hope tonight and all the other nights to come, you will send the angels to comfort your family, especially your dear mum

All of a sudden, I remember our last conversation again

When you asked me for that favour and i said no problem, only to get to the internet a few hours late

I cant say I'm sorry now, can I? Because I know if the roles were reversed, you would have gotten there earlier

That's my enduring memory of you - a great friend who would go to the end of the world for his friend without compaints

The world is not the same without you, it can never be the same without you!

As I will keep saying, you are too great a man to remain a memory

We will meet again my brother, we will do the hi-fives all over again, we will quarrel and do the normal chit-chat again

We will relive the memories of our dear Manchester United

God Speed.......

I found out about your passing in the saddest way possible.. I was jobless and was surfing the net and got a link to this site. I was really hoping it wouldn't be you until I saw the photos. The last time I spoke to you... it must have been when we were in OAU. I can hear your voice in my head.. the endless teasing about being a "QC chic" and talking about ur days with Babatoni (RIP), the rocking, dancing and the many lectures on the evils of booze and smoking. There was never a dull moment around you.  The world is less brighter with you in it. God Speed
tolu osinaike

wow, this aint too good.. cos just learnt bou ur pop.dat is real sad.sure u together now cos i really dont know what to say.hope the rest of the family take it with courage and move on.God b with u and us all.......

sure it aint news ur klub won the league.9c!!!!

rest in peace till we meet 2 part no more

Akin Oyebode


As I navigate this page,I remember our various celebrations at a Man United victory

As I celebrated this 9th title with our friend Usman, I remember our hugs and clenches at title clinching moments

Our 9th Premieership title is dedicated to you my friend

As I wrote b4,in your lifetime I could not pick a more dedicated fan

You knew all the chants, read all the literature and even managed to covert The Bee!

A Mancunian thru and thru,I miss so much about you

The phone calls to keep me up to date, how you would disturb me at work on Windows Messenger, a text message from the blues checking on your boy..

I still remember our last conversation,, asking about everyone Omish,Mugabe,Funmi,Wafers as you always called my brother

Guy the tears still stream after seven months

I will continue to pray that our paths cross again

For you are too great a man to remain a memory..

I sign out with the lines of our song,

Glory Glory Man United and the reds go marching on....


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