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Morakinyo Akinkoye
Born in Nigeria
27 years
Family Tree
Temi Kusamotu RIP April 25, 2012
Moraks continue to rest in peace, i know u are in a better place.I just remembered our first year in OAU, how crazy u were and our long walks in quaters.If i look thru my things i am sure i will find some old pictures. they say the good ones go first and thats true. may God continue to comfort ur family.
Emeka Onwuasigwe
 Moraks baba.. just saying sup to ma egbon. 
Emeka Onwuasigwe
Moraks baba, I remember there was a website in ur honour around the time of your transition but i always thot it was temporary but its continued existence was only brought to my notice by my sister about an hour and a half ago.. My sister just came downstairs now only to find me glued to the same spot, eyes transfixed on this laptop and she exclaimed 'R U STILL ON THIS PAGE'... I haven't left this page and memories of you are endless. I have postponed the train i was supposed to catch indefinitely. I have spent the last hour and a half reminiscing of the times with you, reading the comments and annonyomous perception people had of you: warm, loving of his own (family and friends) and a fantastic personality that will never be forgotten. Reading comments from Modu baba, mobolowa, mojo-jojo, akin and deji oyebode... just brings back similar thoughts of you. 

Anyone who knew u will concur with me that you are one of the most ardent, fiercest and most unrepentant manchester united fans to have ever supported the club... (and u also contributed to my severe hatred of man-u, as u know i have always been a supporter of one your fiercest rivals: the arsenal) and i remember the constructive arguments u always made about your club being the best (sometimes  a tad biased) and how u always wore that jersey proudly... 

You have always had that elder brother role in my life and i easily took to you in the same way you took me under your wings and remember the name u and Kunlezy used to call me: 'YOUNG STAR' (partly for ma prowess in the game of pool at a young age when i used to beat my elders in the game @ kolex hotels (u inclusive ). I still have very fond memories of our time on modupe street when u were easily my mentor on the street and in my life as a growing teen/youth at the time, those late nights whe we would sit in front of your house or sometimes opposite ori's house (by the mallam's kiosk) and gist into the late hours of the nite and would sometimes be seperated by the call of one of your parents or perhaps a car coming in which mite have been my parents driving home and signalling the end of the day's session, how ul make me feel welcome and urge me to stay even when i was obviously the youngest in the gathering and how u always stood up for me, how i always looked u to you from a social perspective and in retrospect mojo's comment that your name was respected is one that i personally testify to as i remember that ur name is one that was respected by people who didnt even know u personally, remember ur classic way of saying 'BABA, HOW FAR NA', our sessions @ various spots that i cant start to mention, our walks back home from kolex or even one day you strolled me home from yours and advised me bout stuff that i cant remember now.. I especially remember the day that my club was having a party and some members were being disturbed by some confra peeps and i called u,remember you had to leave the drinks you were having in the company of Akin Oyebode and come to the aid of my club members who were being harassed (in ur usually selfless manner)... a reminder and confirmation that your name and person was highly respected. I can go on and on but in summary your transition to the other side to answer our Father's call reinforces the fact that 'the good people do lives after them and will always be remembered' and i sometimes wonder if i have made such an impact in my time here on earth and if my inevitable departure from this earth will be met with similar or superior show of love and if i have touched that many people positively and if my memory will live on like urs has.. Time will tell.. In ur case, time has continually reinforced ur memories and U shall never be forgotten MORAKS BABA.. I miss you deeply and i will never forget you... I'll say hello here every now and then henceforth.. . MORAKS BABA! 
Hmm, Moraks, you were on my mind last night and again this morning. As I sit at work I am fighting to keep the tears back but it's not working. One of the two memories that stands out in my mind was the time my grandpa died. I couldn't go for the burial because of my exams and you came to my house to keep me company and console me. After a few hours chilling and watching cartoons, you decided you wanted to borrow some of my cartoons.You ended up taking almost my entire Disney collection at the time and you promised to return the movies. We lost touch shortly after that cos I moved, you never returned them, and the rest as they say is history. Ahhhh I still remember how I would call you to report your friend and now that I really want to, you're not here! Kaiiii!!!!! Death never loses its sting o! Sleep well friend. Sleep well!
Prince olumide
Its not so easy knowing that you will never see your brother again, i still have that immagination that you are very much arround. You know i saw some one who looked very much like you and i cry but pple wouldn't know why and all because i remember the good old days. Sleep well my brother we all miss you greatly.
Amazing how you can leave a hole will forever remain unfilled....
Even at our most eloquent, we struggle to find thewords that fit.....
So much love for & in one person......
Still we trust in the Almighty......
that He even gave you to us for even a day.......
we thank Him for you....for your memory & legacy......
keep an eye on us from there please.......
greet the rest of the loved ones & saints........
Keep the praise & worship party rocking till we arrive...........
we are called for a purpose & for a destiny....
though we hurt at not having you near us physically......
we thank God for His job well done & alife well lived....
Sun in peace brother & egbon .....

Time heals all wounds they does, but never completely. I've come here 4 years on and its still a teary eyed visit. The legacy cannot be undone by time, it is how good men are remembered. I am eternally in your left before I could start paying back. Many selfless acts...driving my car away from heated grounds, driving miles to pick me from work after a hard day, sending me money during my NYSC Orientation Camp, willing to drive me far and near.


I remember you man. How can I forget? I've known many longer than I knew you, yet in life and in death you dwarf most of them.


From one Akin's son to another....continue to rest in peace.

with tears rolling down my cheeks i say continue to rest in peace man!

Will that day come when I can tell anyone who cares to listen that I have finally come to terms with your long absence? I do try, very hard too, to live with the pain your sudden death has caused me.They tell me I still have your brothers.Yes, I do and thank God for them.But you were also special in your own very unique way which I miss so badly. You were easily the most quiet of the lot,but full of outstanding fun.You were full of pranks as well which added to the mystery called Morakinyo! You were loving ,kind and caring. You had your way easily with didnt wait to handle any of your own! The God I love and serve thought you were better with Him and so took you Home. You were not a good eater while here, has that changed? U took ur last job here so seriously ,you would have been elevated soonest. God has elevated you my handsome baby,you no longer lack and are now at peace with Him who loves you best. Thank God you are free from all the pains you spoke to me about ,but I have an apology to make to you, I am sorry I did not arrive at your hospital bed early enough.I missed seeing you alive by 48hrs!!! I did not know your pain was a life threatening one, the hospital guys told me u would be ok. They took permission from me to operate on you.You came out of it alive but passed on less than 24 hrs after. You know what? I am sure your dad would have told you how we waited patiently to talk to you the day after ,how barely a few minutes after praising God for what had appeared to be an absolutely peaceful night for us both, the NEWS of your demise was broken to us !!!!!!! That minute changed our lives forever.It changed the lives of your brothers and sister and life without you, can never be the same again.

This is my first opportunity to share memories here.The truth is , I prefer to have you over and over again as my baby and as your name implies--you are the one I behold that gives me joy. Sleep on, rest in perfect peace in the Lord until the Ressurrection morn when we all shall be re-united again.  


Cant believe it'll be three years soon

Still remember the OPEL and Pub Culture Days....

Oye Olorun!

david ukoidip
morax,just like yesterday,u said u were going to a better place ,guys cant still just not stop talking abt u.u still live in us,just to let u know man utd won the premiership for the third time in a row

Staying calm in the heat, i learnt from you.

Keeping quiet when necessary, i learnt from you.

Speaking when it matters, i learnt from you.

Not being talked down, i learnt from you.

Handling multiple matters, i learnt from you.

Rocking to the beat, i learnt from you.

Bringing the life everywhere i go, i learnt from you.

Outshining without stress, i learnt from you.

Rocking to the beatz, i learnt from you.

Being friendly and warming up to everyone, i learnt from you.

Speeching the babes(indeed the whole swagger), i learnt from you.

Making it happen, i learnt from you.

Living the life, i learnt from you.

Character is who you are, reputation is what people think of you.

Being you, i am still learning! I love u bro!


I never met you unfortunately but God knows i cried my eyes out when i came on the website. The songs, the tributes, the candles especially those from your mum, your dad's passing and then the strength your siblings and you mum have shown. You have left nehind a legacy that even so called "stars" cannot leave behind. You are loved even in death! 3 years after God called you, your life is still being celebrated! I wish i'd met you Moraks! I wish i had the privilege of being friends with you while you were on earth. God bless you. I wish I could even meet your folks now especially your mum.. I would like to give her a big hug cos I know she is hurting so much! I'm sure you never had any doubt how much you were loved but even if you did, at least from up there where you have the best seat you can see that. You can also see how well Manchester United are playing this season! God bless you Morakinyo.
Phatbayo Inexs
Crazy they say life is,now i know,the last time we spoke we talked about moving homes,but now i guess you moved to a better home,God knows best but hey brother its your birthday,30 man,wat can i say bless bless bless.Its sometimes really hard to believe o.God continue to bless you even when close to him,and yea the family back here.BLESS TILL WE MEET AGAIN.
Decided to reproduce this here, seems apt at this time. In 11 days it'll 30 years you came into the world....

I was introduced to the brilliance of Ernest Hemmingway by my father 17 years ago. Before one of our numerous visits to my ancestral home in Ikole-Ekiti, my dad decided to go against his trend of buying me African literature by buying Hemmingway's Old Man and The Sea. This book, for which Hemmingway won both the Pulitzer and Nobel, became my companion for the first few days in Ikole-Ekiti. My relationship with Hemmingway blossomed when I read A Farewell to Arms, Men Without Women and In Our Time. But the connection with Hemmingway was still not complete. I had not read what I now know to be the greatest book ever written by an American and one of the greatest books ever written.

I decided to write this note after finishing that book this morning. The book I speak about, "For Whom The Bell Tolls" is the most profound piece of literature I have ever read. I will not bore you with the finer details of this book, I can only encourage you to grab a copy, take a weekend off, enjoy Hemmingway and pause to evaluate life after closing the last page.

The novel is told through the thoughts and experiences of Robert Jordan, a character inspired by Hemingway's experiences in the Spanish Civil War. Robert Jordan is an American who travels to Spain to oppose the fascist forces of Generalísimo Francisco Franco. While behind enemy lines with a band of disillusioned Republican guerrillas, Robert Jordan meets María, a young Spanish native whose life has been shattered by the outbreak of the war. Robert Jordan's strong sense of duty clashes with both Republican leader Pablo's unwillingness to commit to a covert operation and his own newfound joie de vivre caused by María. The novel expresses the incredible brutality of civil war.

Death is a primary theme of the novel. When Robert Jordan is assigned to blow up the bridge, he knows that he will not survive it. Pablo and El Sordo, leaders of the Republican forces, see that inevitability also. Almost all of the main characters in the book contemplate their own deaths.

A related theme is the intense sense of camaraderie in the face of death, and the surrendering of one's self for the common cause and the good of the people. Robert Jordan, Anselmo, and others are ready to do "as all good men should" - that is, make the ultimate sacrifice. The oft-repeated embracing gesture reinforces this sense of close companionship in the face of death. Surrounding this love for one's comrades is the love for the Spanish soil. A love of place, of the senses, and of life itself is represented by the pine needle forest floor - both at the beginning and, poignantly, at the end of the novel - when Robert Jordan awaits his death feeling "his heart beating against the pine needle floor of the forest."

When I closed the final page of this novel, I could not help but remember those who visited this earthly realm, made it theirs and departed before we had the opportunity to thank them. So this note is really a thank you note to those who are not here to read this but remain in my heart forever.

It is for Segun Afilaka - A dedicated Liverpool fan who will never walk alone, a wonderful friend who remained in touch even when distance made it difficult, who I will always remember for the time we shared especially in 2000, when with many others we held hands and supported the Super Eagles at the National Stadium during the Africa Cup of Nations.

For Okey Mmaiye - A great guy, whose support during the Pub Culture days will never be forgotten, who lit up those Jaja Hall and BQ days, whose journey sadly ended one lonely night on his way home.

For Lanjay - An older brother, whose generousity will always be remembered, whose devotion to his brother remains an example to me of how to treat and protect mine.

For Bolaji Durosinmi-Etti - A classmate in high school who had no airs about him, whose impeccable dress sense stands out till this day, who while on his last visit to Nigeria took out the time to seek his old mates to relive those high school years a few months before he departed this earthly realm.

For Boye Ayodele-Oyefin - My favourite cousin, who taught me how to remain happy and courageous in adversity, whose maturity was way beyond his years, who put a smile on my face till the Lord called him to rest.

For Tunde Lawal, whose ebullient spirit could never be caged, whose PLAY parties became the benchmark of entertainment in University, who appeared at that party to say goodbye to many of us that fateful night.

For Yomi Doherty - A wonderful cousin who introduced me to the wonderful world of Donkey Kong, whose quiet demeanour and gentle smile seemed out of place in this chaotic world, who left us the wonderful gift of Leah, his beautiful daughter.

All these men lived life to the fullest, they touched my life in so many positive ways and most importantly they were all good men. While they are not here to read this, it is my prayer that one day they will all know what they all meant to me. Though our ranks our depleted, our memories are enriched with the good deeds of these men and many others who are now on the other side.

I'll close this note with the words of John Donne who said "any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee."

This quote reminds us of our mortality. For when a funeral bell is heard it is a reminder that we are nearer death each day, it is also saying we are all one and that, when one dies, we all die a little.

On the 13th of October, it will be two years my friend and brother Morakinyo Akinkoye joined the saints.

This is especially for him.

i never knew you.....but guess what? i know enuf to c that pple should neva be judged by the way they look, talk, or seem. they should be judged by what they do and who they impact upon.
my coz (who showed me this page) is not over the fact that the person whom she so did not like for not conforming to the norms of this world is actually the most loved and missed.
and on behalf of the 'good' boys and gals (like me), i say thank you for this's not about being normal(some of ur pics do tell a lot), its about being there.
Moraks I never got to meet you but I remember when you passed, and reading your blog, your hi5 profiles, messages on websites by those who knew you, and coming to this page every so often. In the past 2 yrs, I've played Eldee's song so many time, and I cry, I cry for the young man you were, for your mum and her messages on here, to see her son go on , and I pray for her, though I might never meet her. Its like many of us got to meet you through your death, you are outliving your is well.
gosh i neva met u bt i jst found out bout ur passin away on a friends facebook and boy u r loved.its sad i keep readin everyones trubutes every night lik i knew u but all d same God bless.its sad...its touchin... u r resting now and im sur u r up there watchin over those dat love cr and keep on resting away frm this evil world
We never met..
Is it silly to have wanted to have met you?
Is it silly to know that had God decided to let you stay,
Your life would have made an incredible impact on mine?
Is it even more silly to know that had you stayed, a lot of things would have been really different?
I have no memories of you,
But, I have a lot of memories remembered in love of some of your loved ones.
I got to meet the family just a few months after you left.
I was there at your remembrance this last October and,
I know for a fact that your life is one that was lived in greatness
Your passing has left a huge void in the life of someone who loves you.
He just can't seem to move on without you..
Sun re..Omo Akin.

It's still a bit funny isn't it? At times I feel like screaming at you, like you didn't try enough...but I know you must have tried...that you did try...and that God bears you witness.  I remember the day you left like it was yesterday. In fact, I was speaking to someone standing close to you a few minutes before, but it wasn't good news for me. It wasn't good news at all.

I never told you what happened on that day...from the call at 4.20am on the morning of the 13th of October 2006, to Modu's shout of "brethren" a few minutes the absurdly short drive from Dundee to London (no fines) seeing you lying on that metal bed in Guy's and St. Thomas'...and what? I can't remember much more from that day...that was the crux. I remember looking at the casket with your name on it on the 22nd and nodding.'ve done your it's time for the rest of us to do ours and handle our business...we all have a purpose...some great....other's not so great....some over a long lifespan...others...not so long. God bless you...I have heard it said that life is short...but you put it too realistically no?

What with you, dad, Unc.'s beginning to get lonely around this side...but it's only for a little while....


Tears in my eye.

I wasn't your person, but i knew you, infact i knew all your brothers.

Its shocking, but  thank God for a life well spent. Everyone that knew you still talk about your great personality.

May God grant you the rest you so deserve from this cruel place. May God grant your family and mum the fortitude to bear the loss.

Rest on Morakinyo.

bless you


Toluwalase Kola-Bankole(TKB)


TKB (remember). No one calls me that anymore. I'm a big girl now. It's been a minute, for real. I never knew the next time I would see you would be on this page. Remember u was always cussing me out because u wanted me to be real but I was acting up. U made fun of the silliest things and said the craziest too. Been around u was never a dull experience. U were always the one to light up anywhere and everywhere. This has just made me realize that life sure is short and we have to live everyday like its our last, with God in control. this world has nothing to offer but pain, but Jesus has everything.

Take care and ....................................




.....Modu, Mobolawa, howz it going? Be strong and take care of ur mum.

God bless you

peju orekoya
Never met u but this is the 2nd time i'm typing on this site.....i hope u're having a nice rest up there? takia..sun re...

 Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never
coming round

Every now and then I get a little bit tired of listening to
the sound of my tears


Every now and then I get a little bit nervous that the best
of all the years have gone by

 Every now and then I fall apart

 Every now and then I get a little bit angry and I know I've
got to get out and cry

And I need you more than ever
And if you only hold me tight

We'll be holding on forever.


kisses to daddy i hope you are taking care of him for us and together take care of mummy.


love you loads and enjoy your slumber till we meet again mo


damilola oshodi

It is at times like this i draw strength from The strength of isreal as it is written in ecclesiastes 12:7 "then the dust will return to the earth as it was and the spirit will return to God who gave it". sleep tite......

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