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Morakinyo Akinkoye
Born in Nigeria
27 years
Family Tree

 Its so hard to believe that you are gone... did not know that the last time i spoke to you was truly gonna be the last time... I remember those days in modupe street...boy we had so much fun.You and shollybee wld go round modupe street feeling like big boys and all the girls had a crush on both of you.... You used to make fun and take the piss out of everyone...I remember the days when i wld follow Modu to pick u up from kc, i was the only gurl in the car with the boys...shollybee, mobolawa, kole, mojoyin and u of course... u wld do some mad sturvs in the car like cover modu's face from the back of the car while he was driving and i wld scream like MAD!!.  We were lucky not to have accidents.... I remember when u came to lagos on holiday from Ife and i asked you what course you were reading, you took the piss out of me and told me the word was 'studying' not 'reading'. You had funny ways of describing people... I remember you saying a certain somebody looked like a wall gecko.. ha ha, you were mad funny. I remember the days when we used to come for after school lessons at your house....we wld try to bonk classes and your dad wld try to catch us...I remember when your mom came back from America and your house was full of everyone on modupe street..... Aunty Dayo Awotesu's wedding when everyone chilled at your house till the wee hours of the mornin.....

I did not see you before you left this world but i know you see me now and u know that you are greatly missed by everyone especially ur family.You've flown away, Moraks, you are finally free.

Rest in Peace  

Bode Olanipekun
Moraks, if only i had known that you wanted to bid guyz farewell, i wouldnt have kept on posting you when u were calling me few days before u passed away asking us to meet up. Your death only springs up the unfortunate reality about life that its just for a while and what matters is the legacy that is left behind. I pray God will grant your soul a sweet repose.

Gboyega, Yewande, Kanyinsola and Subomi Soyannwo miss you so much.

Rest in perfect peace

Gboyega Soyannwo

I am out of words......... All I know is that God Almighty has accelerated you to Glory.

I never saw you as an aburo in-law, rather as a brother & friend.

We rolled everywhere together, in fact DAMOLA OLAORE - was out of speech for close to an hour when i broke the news to him.

Anyway ........................ GOD ALMIGHTY knows best.

I dearly miss you - RIP.

kole hash

i've got too much to share......the life we lived in high school....ur house at ilupeju,when we went to the we rocked family parties drinking...the girls....our differences........ l.d i'll make u a realer song coz u're mine...

Ife Akinkoye
FOR MORAKS..................The Day After
I was scared last nite
Dont know why I started to bite
Biting down hard on my own teeth
Finding it was hard to go to sleep
I said a little prayer that went like this
"For he has not given us a spirit of fear
but of power, love and a sound mind...
surround me with your love Lord Jesus
Protect my family and loved ones and give them
your peace that passes all understanding."
I prayed for peace, warmth and protection just last nite....
This morning, I was mourning for you
I weep as I type and I know we will all miss you
From the Americas to the United Kingdom
I could feel you parting from us
I found my peace in knowing that
At the end of our race on earth
We'll all meet again in Heaven
In Jesus Name
"I love you dear brother Morakinyo Akinkoye"
From your blood Brother,
Ifeoluwapo Babarinde Oluwatobi Akinkoye
I remember when we were back in Unilag..... Mobolawa and I were inseparable, always together. The only thing was, people would see you and then come up to me to say thet just saw my boyfriend, whom they said hi to and he just chinned them.........not knowing the person they saw was you. You brought the twins gifts all the way to Baba Rotimi's house. My mum remarked how thoughtful you were, and I concurred. I remember the last time we saw, Bisayo was still teasing you about her MTN credit, which you promised to send to her when she went back to Nigeria. Well, guess what......she's back there now. Remember how we were saying you were looking "so fresh and so clean", bet you're even fresher and cleaner now. Remember how you used to go through my bag everytime I came to your house...... never could say no to you could I? Life is good. I probably got to know you last of all the brothers, but ..... GOD BLESS U MORAKS!!!!!
adebomi adewale

moraks u r missed by all those wu know u ur memories borought tears to my eyes but i know where u r is a beter place than here u r a gud guy and u deserve abetter palce and dats where u r right now u r missed by all ur hommies.sleeep welll i da lord its d tightest palce anyone can b infact much more fun dan all those raves and party ,u r deply missed


"Mr Oga"...Baba...MORAX...One month...o ga o...woke up today, didnt say anything, just kept thinking in ma head, ma head is doing sum serious overtime, with all d things wey dese oyinbo teachers dey teach join...a month ago, i left d hospital like 4hrs ago but u were ma head im wishing i didnt wishing i wud come 2morow n see u, n like u always did, just put a smile across on ur face, ive learnt sumthn bout us "5"...we may not say a lot but our expressions and tone of voices(wen we do talk), kinda like says a lot...dat was d effect of d smile, it was like...aburo, im in pain, but nuthn do me,"awon bawo"...dont eat jaffa cakes nemore cos u didnt like dem n i was d one who had to eat d ones u have for u...dey taste quite horrid letting u in on dis top secret, im working on sumthn big for u...shud put a smile on ur face n d words "dats my boy" shud come to ur lips...omo akin, e no easy, like baba said...sholele dey fill in for u...all d corva...everything done for 2...dont really want to go back home to lagos...cant believe dat im gona be sleeping in our room alone...felt so empty last summer but was ok cos i was looking at ur clothes and some of ur stuff...but now....its even worse...but den again....i ask myself wat wud Mora have wud he have felt....dem talk say na me be like u..."LIKE" u kno...well, ill try, impossible like i said before, but ill try...always wanted to ask u one question but i guess uve answered it now, but i didnt want u to answer in absential...miss you

moni fajobi peters

where do i start?hmm....HW WE MET?....u sent me a msg on last year.thot u was replied....we started chattn sha...GOD msn..GBA FUN WA......wud talk 4 like 2hrs....yarn sha......we wer meant 2 see in dec bt f'ups.....den we became tite..spoke on d fone...evn if wee neva saw...u was lik a  bg bro...all em advices n jokin toastin...maine too funny.ur best word was SEEN!..and ma best ws MWAH.had ds mad crush on u...GOD...den u dis aprd....thot u blocked me...felt bad..den u came on one day..was shocked..u told me u had bn busy..yh yh...den u started wiv d downloadin..wud wake up like 2a.m..morakinyo wud b online downloadin.....GOD..crazy..u luvd 2 fap ma smileys on msn....same here sha..but u wer good at it....MR D.....den we started talkin bouv ur hair..i luv'd it,dn u stopd cumin online..last tym i saw u on,u had cut d hair..wuz vexn(jokingly)...den we talked a lil bit.....I MISS YOU...GOD..soooo much.....well we GO SEE.....FIRST TIME...and den maybe u wud b ma in peace...muuuucccchhh LUV..mwah!


One day we will all get together and celebrate you properly.That is the man you are(I cant write about u in past tense,people like u dont die,they just rest for a bit),the man you will always be.What memories of you can I talk about,unless I want to take up all the page space.Too many memories...Just too many.Now when I hane with Sholly B and dem boys the void is larger.Your space in that group cannot be taken.What you brought to our lives is priceless,for that we thank you.

I remember our countless escapades that transcended locations,from Unilag to Pub Culture to Porkies....


Anytime I needed a ride,I knew who to call.Anytime I needed a raise,I knew who to call.Bored at home,I had your no on speed dial.Still remember the "dido dido de" horn of your accord or benz.Your car parked across my crib in Unilag.Opening my gate and telling me to hurry.Guess what,couldnt wait to ring 08023210132 to hear an answer in December.But it wasnt your call i gues,God needed you more.


Who do I remember,its the dependable friend,the ever jovial fellow,the multidimensional guy,the deep and thoughtful christian,the well read gentleman.Too many defintions for just one man.You lived 100 lives in 1,and i guess thats why your time was short.


I remember our celebrations as brothers,united in many ways but above all things in our love for our fav Manchester United.Now when I watch Man Utd, all I think about is you.When I hear Femi Kuti (especially 97 my mind goes to you).Never knew so many things reminded me of you.


I wont need to tell you when we whip Chelsea this season,or when we win the Champions League again,you'll be watching from a vantage point.

You are etched in my heart,its never easy losing a loved one.But when you lose a friend,confidant and brother;a potential groomsman in your birthday,it can never be forgotten.Nice one brethren,by choosiong my birthday as your departure date,you played me again.Last year,you decided to travel to England a day before my birthday,this year you decided on a trip to heaven.


Gba yi baba!!!Oye Olorun


May your soul be blessed in this hard time of your memorial, we hope you shadow your family with the strength to cope and to look back at lovely times without feeling horrible and teary. No words can calm them, but only God and you above can comfort them and help them through there most difficult time.

May your soul rest in peace son

Love Mr and Mrs Muyunda
sanni abiola
moraks moraks,its not too long when i met u and how we met.i met with this dude on the ist of january this year.i remember going to that party with my boyfriend and actually he was misbehaving.u were there to console me,to dance with me and u were just there for me all the nigth.i remember coming to ur house in thamesmead,how u use to call me iyawo,men its so hard for m to believe u r gone so soon.remember when we went to the cinema 2gther and at rotimis wedding while i was dancing and u were spraying me money,while i knelt down in front of u and at the batch eve while it was u alone i wanted to dance with.i miss u so much.there is lot to say but i think i will stop.u will truly be remembered my dear.RIP moraks.
This time a month ago i was right beside you holding your hand and praying deeply that you will be ok, you were deep in sleep but eventually woke up and winked at me. Who knew that that was the last time i was gona see you, smell you or hold you. Who knew that that will be the last time i would look you in the eye and see you staring back into mine. Just before they put you back to sleep you squeezed my hand tight and winked and then smiled, this pain you have caused enough to make somone go mad. There is not one day i dint see you while you were in hospital laughing and chatting till late, sneaking in so that the nurses dont catch me. They even suggested i move in and that they will give me a bed, remember?

when you left, a part of me left with you, literally you were my other half, my right hand My everything

As much as i want to put my memoirs i just cant, because i haven come to terms with the whole situation. just know that i may smile, laugh and chat but baby i am always thinking of you and drowning myself with tears both internal and externally.
That last kiss will always be on my lips. TOOOOOOOO many good times not enough strength to write them down.

Hey baby, just lying down and thinking of you and all the good things we went through, i wont go into details cos its loads and besides i am trying not to cry and that wont exactly help.

Well its going to be exactly one month 2mr, wow it feels like you have been gone for a life time but simultaneously its like you were here only yesterday, i thought by this time i would have come to terms of you living but honestly the more days pass the harder it is and the more i realise il never see you again(on earth).

Questions still linger in mind,
why you?
were did it all go wrong?
you knew and said you were going to be alright, dint ya?
why so sudden?..........................................................? SO many questions so lil answers,
But most of all WHY YOU BABY(moraks, mo) WOW. I remember speaking to you right before you went in for your operation and you said "pamela you will always be my heartbeat please beat in my time of need i love you", and i failed you baby when you needed me most i was not there.
I guess it was out of my control and entirely in Gods hands. this pain is undescribable(wrong spelling i know but thats y i miss you cos you were always correcting me and calling me blonde)lol.

My deepest sympathy to Sis Moji, Modu, Mobolowa, and Mojo.
Not Forgetting his loving MUM AND DAD.



"Kinyo" those were the words that use to roll out of my tongue 27yrs ago and gradually u came into ur own, u became a popular jingo and we were all forced to reckon with the famous Moraks! Aburo mi atata, favorite of them all, u've thot me a great lesson that is,  nothing in life is guaranteed and neither is tomorrow promised to anyone! With u i have come to realize that being good is the greatest wealth of man existence! Aburo u too great, u're the best! With u little is surely much! Wow, u lived a content life, that is a great gift that not to many people can boast of! Like i said b4 i have picked up another addiction and that is u, memories; voices wont leave me!!!!!!! Where do i start is it the holidays at Ilupeju or the birthday parties, I remember teaching u how to insert straws into straws at Mobolawa's first birthday or the police and thief plays I remember the ancos, u, me, modu, dele and geenie (mojoyin sorry u were still yet to come better yet a coming attraction)! Or was it when i went thru the sliding glass at Ilupeju chasing u guys or was it when i got my head stuck in the bars! Its strange how they all keep coming back! I remember my situation in 1994 and when it was all over and sent to London feeling like an outcast, it was u, only u that was bold to approach me five years later (when i came down to see my mum at profs place in Ife in 1999) and u told me how i wasnt a bad boy and was ur favorite cuz u told me i inspired u when i picked the broken pieces of my life up and what i have done with it! U told me how u've always been proud of who i was! WE talked didnt we! Wow u remember in 2002 when i came home and my dad wont let me go out that night, u and Modu came and we all sneaked out when he had gone to bed! we had fun didnt we and i showed u i wasnt ready to relinquish my throne as our family dancing king to you what u did not know was that i did steal some steps from u but being who i be i did modify it and made it my own.( well i'm thinking of retiring and handing off to Mojo) He calls me 45 finest, i see so much of u in him i guess thats a good bargain or what do u think! i remember u being the first to notice the NNPC building was burning when u spotted that fire in the office on our way driving back from the island, we didnt tell anyone bcos we werent suppose to have been out anyway! I remember Lagbaja 2002 december! I remember how u took care of me in 2004, u always made sure i got all the attention i need even when i didnt ask for it, the shrine moves! ur "BABA HOW FAR" wont stop ringing in my head! Wow i can spend the next decade here just reminiscing on moments shared with u! Its unbelievable how Me, Modu, Mojo, Black, Desola, Toyin, Mumsie and Popsie talked about u and ur ways all thru the summer! We were cleaning the house and stumbled on some old pictures,we also came to the revelation that u were the mirror image of popsie in his youth! Little did we know that the attraction to u and ur photos over the summer was a sign from God! Aburo I badly wanted to see u on my way back to state but Modu said u werent picking up ur phone and when we spoke u had so many ideas u were suppose to come see me in Texas in October but i guess man proposes God disposes! I always end our conversation by telling u to "Live Free" Omo Akin original, u're definately living free! kosi wahala no hard feelings just miss u thats all! Ur phone has finally gone to rest, but peep this, i still have ur number waiting to dial it any time T. Well i will be goin to las gidi next week, it sure wont be the same w/out u, we all was hoping we will all be there this december! I guess Modu and I wont get to see u and Dele operating in the same city at the same time! it for too much! But all the same Sholly Bee has been carrying on for both of u, so i guess there is light at the end of the tunnel!U re in good company! Aburo u no die u were a transient here and u just got on the line ahead of the rest of us! Well save some fun for me tooo! U're home now, home safe and free!! Peace perfect peace aburo mi atata!
This Geenie

"Moraks, Moraks, I want to write shared memories".....Naah! You know I'm not going to come and write all the stuff we shared.....u wan make all man dey here for another quarter century?

Remember that stuff we spoke about....remember now....when dem Modu went to the city centre and I opted to walk it 'cos I wanted to speak to you. That's rite. When I get it, I'll holler @ u and let you know......thinking about it, you'll probably find out same time as I do (or maybe before)......everyone else.....will wait.

I won't holler that you didn't hang around to do all your parts of the deal (would have entailed you leaving the hospital bro). No worries, I know that the novation is authentic. 

Hey.....about writing all the stuff, you understand now, if I write everything, what will I remember? But I've got something for you and Unc. B. (Holler @ my guy for me).....I'll post it when its beautiful (In God's time) know me, it won't take long!


Mr wa o!was studying and u kinda like crept into ma thots like uve always done since d 13th...Morax....i wonda how many times i said that name in my 21 years of u knowing me and me knowing u....seems like ur name was like attached to my Good Mornings, always said it even in the most random conversations...i neva knew but i am told now that i always spoke about u.I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU BRO!i wont use WAS cos ur not gone...ur away! too many memories even in d short space of time that u knew me or that i knew u!....i dont even kno where to start from....i remember the new years eve back in naija wen ur fone got broken on our way home...boy we did some damage together...remember when i came back for geenie's wedding and u always made sure i was ok, and that i had money to get around from what u had to urself...remember how u used to take me to all d parties even when momsie n popsie had made it impossible for me to u wud get me in to dose parties...if i was to count myself as popular i wud owe 95% to u(chiefo and geenie i didnt forget u o) just thinking now, nd im like mentor aint wiv me, like eldee said, we cant hang no more....i always thot u werent my mentor but den i dicovered that everything u did i always wanted to do...some i did get, some i didnt get, n some truthfully i didnt try...all in all,i accept defeat now, i cant be u, I CAN ONLY TRY TO BE LIKE U, U TOO MUCH!Lord help me in trying...i looked up to u, for a lot, infact a whole lot...remember when i picked u up from d was like a dream, i thot wow...5 siblings all togeda in one zone!...i lived under ur shadow(and God's as well), if u knew how many times i got out of trouble just by sayin who ma bro u kno me?i be morax broda!!! ur name had dis magic connected to it....even bak in isl, wen i got rushed, d moment evry1 knew i was morax' broda, it all changed...ur name kinda like always ushered me into VIP, in so many places...uve got to be very good to be associated wiv d best...rememba d numberless times i prayed for u for diff reasons...rememba wen we were doing ur cv...i was so excited to do it wiv u...rememba all d nites in old kent wen i wud stroll in like 12, 1, 2 ,3 am...d wondering why u neva minded me being in ur company regardless of who u were wiv...apart from ur very private affairs...3 wud have been a crowd but any other thing i was allowed u wud arrange to get d car for me to drive about d whole of u helped plan my d point where ma own boiz where prolly thinking, dis Mojo boi sef, he is too brainy....cant even put all d memories down...d one dat gets to me most is wednesday the 11th, how even despite ur being in pain u was still ready to laugh and even slug me one...we struck a deal, i said u shud say a prayer b4 u went bed that night, before u went in the theatre on d 12th n u sed "guarantee, no wahala" n i sed, everythn will be fine, ill see u 2mo...i saw u 2morow...was quite an experience for me, that im still coming to terms with....i saw u lying on dat bed, i even took ur pics and sed i wud use dat to shut u up weneva u tried being funny wiv me....i left u at 6.38pm on that day...wat always stays in ma head, is when i sed laters, n u put ur two thumbs up for me!...d rest of it....we didnt agree on....Morax!I LOVE U BRO!...ULL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART!adieu, omo l'akinkoye, omo iya iparuku, omo lepegun!Your lil bro...nawode....

Seems like just yesterday
You were a part of me
I used to stand so tall and be so strong. When your arms were  around me tight, Everything  felt so right
Unbreakable like nothing could go wrong

Now I can't breathe
I can't sleep
I'm barely hanging on

I'm torn into pieces mo
Can't deny it
Can't pretend
Just thought you were the one
Broken up deep inside and you won't get to see the tears I cry.

I told you everything
Opened up and let you in
You made me feel alright for once in my life
Now all that's left of me
Is what I pretend to be
So together but so broken up inside

i love you and you live in me
Yeside Lasaki

I only saw and met you once then when you came around with jide and modu to ours in christmas. you made us laugh and laugh and we all talked until late when my mum said its getting late you guys better start your journey back home. i have heard about you from modu who is so fond of you. and its certain you would be greatly missed.  May God look after those you left behind and may the memories of you continue to give everyone a reason to smile.

Odubela Tolulope

Aburo, where do I start?!? I have put this off long enough! I found out you passed when I saw your picture on someone else’s hi5 profile, “to the man you were” he wrote. EHNNNNNNN?!? I screamed out, I mean literally screamed out. I thought it was a bad joke, but alas, two more eulogies on your profile made the news register. “NO,” I yelled, turning my back the monitor hoping that death would see my rejection as a good reason to let you go, to change its verdict.

I rushed home to call Modu, I wept all the way there with hopes that he would tell me you were fine, or that it was close call, or that you in the hospital, something, ANYTHIG BUT DEATH!!! I wish I could have been strong for him, to have been able to comfort him as we spoke that night, but I wasn’t. I remember sobbing and him telling me to be strong, to “take it easy” he said.

I joined him in picking you up from Kings College a couple of times, how much you grew up but still remained the same. You had energy and aura I haven’t seen in any other. Remember how you and Sholly.B used to harass a brother? “Askari! omo olopa!” Remember those beautiful pair of cargo pants you gave me? I still owe you N1,500 for them. Remember your premium dance moves, okada et al.? Yup, you were a character all right, and you always kept it real!

I still have not spoken to your parents because truthfully, I don’t know what to say and I am almost certain I will mess up and start the crying all over again!

ElDee made a brilliant tribute to you son, one I can see you stepping to. LOL!!!

You were my best friend’s kid brother, you were a friend, and you were MY BROTHER! Every time I look at your pictures, I feel my heart go numb and I get shortness of breath. Morakinyo, it hurts! I will never be able to come to terms with your loss, but I will always have fond memories of you brother, you should see how many people miss you Moraks, you too much, “YOU NO UNDERSTAND?!?”

Rest In Peace aburo, Sun Re O!!!

kunle komolafe

wow! the news came to me as a terrible shock! Moraks... the 1st time i met you was when u stayed over at my crib in osu with gbolade.  i wonder if lawunmi, koko and whitey knows...

You were so funny and nice. Well mannered and intelligent! O death, where is thy sting? From time to time, we used to hang out in lagos. Later on, i found out that you were cousins to family friends at Texas.


I pray that God Almighty grants thee eternal rest and your family and loved ones, the comfort and fortitude to bear the loss....the loss of losing a young, loved one!

R.I.P bro



Kasali Temitayo
Short of words, just  want to say GOD knows best.Rest in peace Bro.
Akin Oyebode


Its 17 days and the memories still flood.Still, you make me smile and cry at the same time.Crazy fellow, we had some great times together.I remember our undying love for MANCHESTER UNITED.How we inducted The Bee into the MUFC fold at last.Our various victories,celebrating at the Pub with PJ,BJ,Mundo and other reds.How we constantly dissed thosee arsenal roaches.I remember you asking me if I wanted that first Newton Heath jersey and the current Man Utd strip.I will hold on to these final material gifts from one brother to another.But your gifts were more than the mere physical ones.The memories, I will treasure much more.

Our constant chats on MSN Messenger.Now I sign on and see my guy Poseidon offline.Never to return.We shared some hot gist on that messenger.What our mutual friend told you she was thinking,the days when The Bee went AWOL and we took it upon ourselves to rise the mad man!How you finally caught him on HI5.Your words"Biskit,can you imagine the nuisance even had time to do me a testimonial"

A member of the Bach Eve gang,how we did the ones at Vault and 11:45.How you were the main man with the all the ladies.You are one hell of a guy,the mad dance steps,never saying no to any request I made.How thru you I made some great friends:Tobi,Jite,Kola,Folake,Lolade,Damilola,Pepper and many more people.That was you,a bridge to the world.

I remember the last month,how you sent me text messages to do you a favour.I didnt and it will haunt me till the end.Cos, if roles had been reversed you for would have done it for me.You were there all the time i asked.To pick from work at zero notice,to pick from home all i needed was to dial 08023210132.Our days at LBS when you were on course with us.How you'd run from work and I wud take off as well.Your driver would bring you to my office and we'd head home for a quick drink.

Too many memories baba.Your favourite words play in my head:"baba","u no understand","iro ni o","iwo bawo".Too many of them.Most of all I remember your parting words:"Nice ones brethren".Those three words will be in my heart always.How you sounded down and all I could muster was "Take it easy,God is in control."And now God has truly taken control.

Unto everything a time is appointed.There was a time for us to meet,become friends and finally brothers.And so now,the time has come for us to part temporarily.

We will meet again.You have earned your stripes, great warrior,Omo Akin.The light dims,and a classic life story ends.My dear friend play in the garden of angels.We remain brothers,temporarily separated but will be united again.Of that I have no doubt.Baba,nothing do you,Gbayi!!!!

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