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Morakinyo Akinkoye
Born in Nigeria
27 years
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Timi Onabolu



Does everything really happen for a reason? i'm yet to get it cos this truly is madness. One wouldn't know we weren't childhood friends the way we both carried on!lol  Only you could call me at odd hours without me sparking, only you could carry on as if you were moj's dad at the naming ceremony - we've kept the outfit just because.....  I remember when you came all the way across town bcos i said i was lonely!  you made Z & i laugh so hard i thought i'd go into labour.  After what would be the last of your famous disappearing acts, you resurfaced with a call give me jokes and ask for your cap,the next day, you passed.  I'm glad i never returned it the cap, your mum said to keep it & i'm sure it'll serve as my goodluck charm. I think i have now come 2 terms with death cos urs came to soon after dad's - U WERE THERE! U didn't bother going into details of your pain cos you were too busy trying to soothe mine.  That's you thru & thru 4 eva caring for others.  I guess you're now in the right spot to do it, God's given you official title - ANGEL.

Homie, Lover & GREAT Friend, You are missed! I love you Loooaaaaaadddddddds!


PS: i've left you moj's pic, now you can officially say, iya e lo fi jo!lol


Moraks Baba,

So many dreams, so many memories.

Some of these dreams we will fulfil in your absence

Tomorrow we take another step towards an unlikely treble

Plead our case with the angels to lend us a hand

The dream was to have us all watch a champions league final with our dear Manchester United lifting the trophy

Sadly we cant do that no more

But we will keep the flag flying

By God's grace we will win the treble

And quietly we will dedicate this to you

Because in your lifetime, I could not name a more dedicated fan

I miss the phone calls we would have shared on how our season's going

But God knows best....


my egbon,

im so so sorry this is cumin a little late but its cos i just heard of this site like 10mins ago,

moraks baba,its so sad u left us early,but im consoled wit d fact dat the LORD said he will take his people before troubling times...u were like a big bro to me,cnt 4get all dem poloville days and cnt 4get when u kept on tellin me senbu.... relax...i remember dem ozolua days,jazzville,porkies,oje..memories mehn,...i wld surely miss havin u remember d last time i saw u was at salt bar wit sholly bee sumwhere in edgware london....wat more can i say..but i know u are surely resting in GOD's arms and we shall see one early mornng to part no more...lps say hello to my daddy in heaven if u ever come acroos him cos i know ur place is in heaven..tell him i miss both of u and he shld take kare of u cos u were like an elder bro andlooked out for me while he was gone...

rest in peace moraks

ur aburo



hey baby how you doin up there? its soon gona be half a year and i can honestly say that the memories, the hurt and the pain is still so raw. At the time you left i was constantly told times a  healer and i tried so hard to belive them but i give up I have to stop trying to enforce it and realise that am still inlove with you and that m not over you and probably never will be. Its clocking 5 months next week and i still cant look at your picture without crying or asking God y it couldnt be otherwise? I MISS YOU. 





tolu osinaike
wow.dis is sum hard stuff 2 do.dont know y.... though i havent been kipin in touch as i said i neva 4gt bou in sum skull dat got a terrible internet system so its as good as nuttin wen am in there and then got real occupied wv skull wok n all dat but sure we 2dy was d day u ws born rite?must av been sum day bak then.....but u aint around now 2witness it God knows best.u sure are luvd by a whole lot of pips and dats good reAal good.well rest in peace n sun re o...omo akin
Shalewa Bada
Rest in peace, Moraks.
i never got 2 meet u bt i can remember speakig 2 u over d phone thrice.firstly "twaz a kal 4 shollybee & secondly had 2 drop a nasty msg 4 shollybee nat knowing "twaz u on d phone.It waz d same d third time & u actually left mi cursing out load 4 a long time tnkn twaz shollybee untill u calmed me down later telln me hez bk in nigeria.I was 2 ashamed of myself on gettn 2 know dat i was'nt talkn 2 shollybee again.All d same ur death brought us bk 2geda not as a peer bt as friends,i gave him a kal[which i've always wanted 2 ever since we parted ways] on hearing about ur death cuz i knew he was ur bestfriend & he responded well even while terribly down & he said 2mi he was travelln down dat same day{HE RLLY IS A TRUE FRIEND}.Anyway,was just browsing through ur site amidst tears & i decided 2 drop a hint.Wish i met u while u were still here . REST IN D BOSSOM OF D ALMIGHTY

Since you left, I have to confess I've been keeping late nites...go through the website, watch a movie, listen to music, would imagine that I could at least sleep and rest like that but it's not quite to be. Do you know that I think about you and my heart goes cold with dread (Moraks), my brother....and I do insist on this...there are no questions for God here mate, but it's painful, and I keep hearing your voice...(I know - one sided conversations are not healthy), am not going to say anything complicated...know how you hate that, so I'll keep it simple.....I'm going to bed!!! L8rs bro!

tolu osinaike

hey sup?been a while,so so sory.......havent had access 2 d internet 4 a wile so dat was it.was in lagos 4 somr tym last year and this year and was on my way 2 ur place at fola agoro but heard ur parents were in ib.was around your end then but had 2 chin.anyway hapy nu year sure u'v gotten lots of dat already but dont fink its 2 much.anyway saw ur mum 2day at ma brothers weddin here in ib.really felt for her but i just dint know how 2 xpress ma feelins.i really hope she understands.anyway just droppin a line nw i got d 2 u some other tym



Moraks... always thought I would grow up with you there, all the way. I thought you would be there for me, or that I'd be there for you. It was when that silly woman called me from the hospital to say that you were fading that I realised it was not to be. No beef! You went at your time. It was your time! Did time freeze in that moment for you? No! You moved into another plane of existence. That is the reason why we all go...."you're in a better place and all that". I guess it would be selfish to want you to come back....or to say to you after you have tasted the afterlife "come back and live again" go through the charade of life. All men must die. You just had to go and test that theory out didn't you?

It was a honour knowing you whilst you were alive in this world. In my heart, you are always there.....(I think the hardest moments are the one in which I hear your voice like you were right there and I'll look around and say Moraks). You'll always be alive to us. Jesus did not die, neither did you. When you went into the hospital, I rebuked death on your behalf. Death could not hold you captive. Now you are in a better place (don't have to pay tax either eh?). We'll keep struggling...for now, but one day.....we will finish that conversation that we never did...we will sing that song we never sang....we will laugh like we never laughed before....Omo Akin, my brother. It's a New Year and I wonder what the old one had to be so cruel....but then again, you're in a better place. There we go again...chicken and egg. Love u loads.



I am about to enter the new year without you. Its a hard thing to do because i would rather have had you here. Your spirit should bless me this coming year and help me find strength. They say with a New Year new beginnings should follow.  I just want you to know no matter what i do and who ill meet this coming year you were always my first choice and i LOVE you. God Bless you my love. You made this year the most memorable.

Oga it took a while to find an image that best represents my image of you,I hope I picked the right one.Its 7 hours to the new year and I needed to take some time out to share my memories of you.That was an hour ago.Once again you brought smiles and tears.

Memories of you can never fade.As long as I watch MUFC play,or listen to Femi Kuti,or drive to FA,Unilag,Londoners (too many places to mention), I will always remember you.As long as I see Mojoyin growing to be a great man,I will always remeber you.

My mind has gone blank for now,but as the year ends and as I say a silent prayer tonight,rest assured I will say a long one for the Akinkoyes.For giving us you,they deserve our prayers,gratitude and more.

Shine On.........


I remember when you got a phone call while you were in hospital and you were really sick that day and you told the person you were alright and you even joked with them. when you got off i asked you why you dint tell the person you were not at your best and you said "i dont want people to worry il be ok".

Morakinyo loved and cared about us all he rests easy with the lord. As humans its alright to feel his absence but we should just know that he is all good and he is taking care of himself and us 2. His spirit will help us see the light at the end of the tunnel and the comfort we deserve. if you knew MO he was the most caring guy in the world and since his spirit still lives on he will continue to comfort and love us.

take it easy my love

Tolu Omo.T
shiit, its just like a dream..have know morak for a long time probably since childhood , still saw him at his bro's wedding chilling with his B Boy stance and weeks later , chatting with jiboye and he told me morak was gone and it just struck me like thunder.We'll forever miss you on behalf of me and my family my condolences .....RIP
tolu os
had 2 log out n send dat d way it was cos na naija i dey and nepa did their job and kudnt type the thing again cos i no rite am down so..... dint read ova it but am sure there are mistakes <they are typo>but they restored light now sha so i kan continue i was like i guess nuttin in life kud b beta than that as in 4 people 2 come out and sing your praises n all.u seem 2 av made things happened and i c u a great fan of man u but guess they were mourning one of their greatest fan cos they lost their last match ova d weeknd....but nuttin 2 worry guess u have made me 2b their fan as well.ot ot 2 write guess i'd b doin it bt by bits
we wud meet again 2 die no more
u are loved
God almighty knows best
tolu osinaike
hey dis is real sad...cos i was at wok d day buki 2ld me u was dead and am in the same place rite now and i stil cant bliv cos twas like yest but  dats life man.....u wont beliv i was still askin which  of u it was...imagine!not dat i dint know wu she was talkin bou if na dat one i sabe d  name die as in y'all but guess we wasnt just klose  u know u was in lag wile we was in ib n guess ma dad prevented us 4rm mixin much younger or sumtin dont really know.but i kinda know chiefo but dats all even mojo sef,kant rem if we seen n dat really sucks as fa as am concerned.cos d day i was at ur place dat was '03 sure it was u wu droped me off at unilag front gate d college of education side ,i was stayin with dem amao-kehindes then and guess dat was it.but no day passes without me chekin this page out eva since i found out bou it and i was like i wud at least drp a line or light a candle everyday 4u cos u seem 2b sum1 i wud av luvd 2 know n all dat but dat is al gone now....i c u got lots of pple wu luvd u and wish u was stil around well such is life is a hyphen locked betwen two dates and u seem 2 av completed our wn hyphen n seems it was an interestin n well lived one cos u sure put smiles on pples faces dat i kud get from d endless condolences u keep gettin.i guess nuttin more in this life if u actualy
i gatta go
Akin Oyebode

As Deji has said,what memories do I want to share.The memories are too damn much.Watching Man Utd reminds me of you,was at Femi Kuti with Modupe and memories of you kept coming back.Is it chilling in Onike or in my house,strolling to Ozolua,Jibowu Close, even where Poloville used to be or driving past what used to be the pub.Even seeing a red honda or a green benz reminds me of you.Wearing the new Man Utd strip you got me has you written all over it,or is it the Newton Heath one I share with you and Sola?Wish I cud just pick up the phone to chat with you right now.But beyond all the memories, the ones I forever cherish are memories of my ever smiling friend who could do anything for his family and friends.That was you my brother and thats who your are in my heart now and forever.

I cant go on, the tears have begun to stream to fast,not sure when next I'll visit this site.I thought I could handle it now,but I still cant.


On a good note,I know you have something to do with Manchester United's good run this season.Keep watching over your people.....


deji oyebode

mora mora! wat memories do i want to share? do i want to talk of how we all used to hang out? do i want to talk of how i asked you for advise before i started the pool joint at pub?do i wan to talk of u givin me ur cue stick before leavin naija? do i want to talk of u givin me a shirt and tie? do i want to talk of us watchn soccer and u , akin... all screamin man red eventhough i hate the club? do i want to talk of hangin out with u at the pub? do i want to talk of how i used to tease u about ur stomach? do i want to talk of u comin to our crib? do i want to talk of hangin out with u in ur crib? do i want to talk of u just making everybody happy? do i want to talk of watchin femi at the shrine? do i want to talk of wacthn femi at muson? wat do i want to talk of?

u will never know the impart you had in my life. thanks for the luv, the memories and thanks for everything.

i miss u.

'm sitting here alone and thinking about the times that we've been through, I'm looking at the  picture of us on my laptop trying my best to understand. If only you were here tonight baby
I know that things would have been right. I honestly don't know how to live without your love baby, you're the only one within my heart belive me when i say always and forever you and me!

I don't want to cry a tear for you
So forgive me if I do.
I could only wish you were here tonight.........and forever.
You and I will meet again love, when we're least expecting it in some far off place I will recognize your face and thats why i won't say goodbye my love
For you and I will meet again. Only God knows when we shall see each other and trust me mo that day, that day would be the best day of my life. I am  beginning to falling in love with my sorrow, seeing you again is the only thing that can make me fall out of love. God can give strength but m only human and because my love for you became unconditional the pain is never gona go away. I can only be strong in excitement that il be in your arms one day.

my tears for you will never run dry

Tope Ajileye
Back in naija (O.A.U) was the last time I saw u.Down to earth man and known for his unique dark skin .I am so sure u'll be famous up there too.Shey na jokes ?U dey there.Shey na town? U dey there.Nothing do U men Ur soul will for ever rest in peace .

Mr Oga...its 1.31am Sunday Morning...on a normal day, about 3months ago, rite now we wud be taking d piss out of sum1 or hanging out sumwhere wiv egbon,shollyb and talking bout u today, n i remember d 1st and only day i got bullied at a party and how u,chiefo,n shollyb, made d guy return my watch n even give me extra kish...mehn its mad...i neva thot it was gona be easy neway...i dont think ill get over it, ever but i reckon ill leave with i said, death tried it on u but death itself cudnt hold u down, u no understand?death bawo?...I love u bro...nuthn do u!1

Mo, wow its really really really hard to belive and to grasp that you are gone. When i listen to this song and actually think of who its for i cant belive it i cant stop crying. Can pain get any worse? I still ask God why and I havent got an ans yet i dont know whether to say his mean to have taken you away or to belive its for our own good. but how? life without morax honestly is unthinkable later on unmanageable only god knows i guess and i will trust him in that one day we WILL meet again. I miss you man. Every moment i spent with you is a moment il treasure. I dont wana sleep, close my eyes or even chat because all i do is miss you more. When i was lying close to you, feeling your heart beating I'ws wondering what you're dreaming? Wondering if it's me you're seeing, i then kissed your cheek and thanked God we're together. I only wish that moment would last forever and evvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeerrrrrr!! AAAAAAARGGGGG mo WHY WHY WHY??? who knew apart from God that you wont be with us 2dy. I only wish we had two options
(i) if you did really have to go that i would come with you
(ii)but if not i wish you would stay till kingdom.
y did you go were i couldnt follow??


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